Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I can't take you seriously.........ELECTION ALERT!!!!!!

Wow yall! Really hope you peeps got out and voted today. We have such serious issues that must be addressed by an elected gentlemen or lady. A person who we have never met but looked really good in their commercial where they were telling you about the other guy smoking dank, practicing witchery and spending your money at strip clubs. While at the same time mentioning one seriously brilliant idea that they have, promising to push for it once they make it to D.C. The local schools, churches, VFW's ect were flooded today with senior citizens who probably have the same views as they did 40 years ago. Not sure how I feel about that, as well as those who serve life terms in office. I think a lot changes in 40 years and I hope those who vote or make important decisions while in their elected position, not only think about themselves (special interests) but the greater good and the future. The polls were also invaded by babies(0smthng's) Who were filling out split ballots. Due to their underdeveloped brains they haven't been able to gain the confidence needed for a strictly right or left decision.

In all reality I do care. If you read my post, like so many blog months ago, you know my opinions and views. They aren't really anything new, just ignorant and uninformed. But it's not my fault, I try to listen to both fox news and msnbc. I try to keep an open mind. I try to read a lot. Always googling things like Sunni, Shiite, GOP, JFK, earmarks, watermarks, life, love, hipsters, hippies, pop stars, buzzbands, women, Joey Martino. Ya know, seriously political shit. But the truth is yall, I can't vote due to reasons I wont get into. But I think that everyone should vote and hold firm in your beliefs. It is one part of your beautiful life that really brands you. So whether it's a donkey or an elephant, effin put that sticker on your car, rep that shit, and dont take your "I voted" sticker off until thursday or maybe friday. A group of men or women should collectively make decisions but those decisions will be flawed until I am a part of that group. Jus sayin.
Lemon Jelly by rocksteddie2

This I do here is so sick and nasty
Gorilla hair country boy so fuckin classy
You wanna know, hommie just ask me
You talk about the high life
You talk about the lime light
Where u really come from, killers and street fights
Paint a picture of hustlin, criminals and fiends
lights out locked down horrifying screams
You dont know what I've been through, what I've been given
Haters gonna hate mu fucka I lived it
They say, "he dont know hip-hop, he dont know rap, he's just a white dude actin like he's black"
Well, mu fucka it's clear mu fucka im here, sent to the front lines holdin just a spear, my words are gifts sent to ease your fear, you'll never know the joys if u never get near
So touchey little buddy, bye bye bye
no staty update or whats on my mind
no sharing chillwave buzzbands or hey I really 'like'
Social media is dead, all I need is one mic

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