Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In between the seriousness, meaningfulcore, deep, and plain strange thoughts, that often plague my night, I gathered this........

I don't even know but I really do care.
I ask so many questions but nobody shares.
I have nothing for you but the shame I wear.
I took a piece with each lie, until you were left bare.

It was 12 stones you lacked and then you added 2 more.
Did you ever feel complete or were you always unsure.
It was hope you pleaded while you chiseled at the floor.
Your weeping stretched miles as you shattered at the core.

Stay strong in your struggle, it wont always move slow. To be honest I stopped counting a long time ago. A life long answer to a question I'll never really know.

The hollowness is filled with every page I turn. Waiting for a breath through the calmest days. It speaks through noise and the piercing rain. You could flood my heart but I'll always complain.

It itches and stitches through your precision, twisting and tangling my stable condition.
I wrote my wrongs a hundred times and asked for forgiveness.
I bury it with ancient civilizations erased so horrendous.
We could seal our mouths shut but our eyes will remember this.


So on a serious tip yall. Watch out for mustache parties. You never know when you will stumble upon a DJ, mustaches, a bunch of hotties and a group of people you feel you share similar tastes with. The next thing you know, it has gotten too late, you know nobody there, and you have been making out with some other dudes girlfriend. Now your glasses (the ones that correct your seriously terrible vision) are broken, your hand hurts and your new flannel is torn.

AINT GOT MUCH 2 SAY BOUT THIS EXCEPT I <3 IT AND ANAIS!!! Yo! Check it, my hommie said something I wanted to share with yall. In one of our seriously deep, meaningful convos at the local dive, he says, "Bro, no thought is original, just originally rethought." Hmm, still trying to wrap my head around that. Das Racist - Fashion Party (w/Chairlift) by theindiedave
Das Racist - You Oughta Know by gaioso


  1. Thank you for the Das Racist. Listening to that reassures me that all is right with the world. Perhaps they epitomize "no thought is original, just originally rethought".

  2. I Prob could have chose a better two Das songs but something bouts that fashion party. I dont have a link but that ep is free if anybody wants it.

  3. read your comment on HRO about wanting an uplifting MP3. This may not be 'relevant' anymore [via being played once on XMU], but I'd love to recommend this beauty: