Thursday, September 15, 2011

NEW SHIT!!!! Mount Kimbie "carbonated" official video + Daytrotter session

Mount Kimbie have released their final video from their Crooks
and Lovers LP, directed by Tyrone Lebon, who says its, “about trying to find beauty of young people being of a certain age—it plays on the themes of solitude and individual experiences that happens in life often in company of other people. If you go out to a club with friends, you share an experience together but you also have your own unique solitary moments of the night like walking home alone and noticing little details of the city or even whilst still on the dancefloor.”

Taste this stripped down flavor of Kimbie via the great folks over at Daytrotter.  Nab dat shit for FREEEEEEE!!!!///YA///DIG///
And by the way, if you're unfamiliar with Daytrotter, who they are and what they do, I suggest you put in some time(work) and get with it.  Stop effing around, you're so lame!  "There isn't a more essential part to being 'seriously hip' then that of a well informed(this week at daytrotter), daily visiting, session junkie, who knows it's the only place to find newly reworked, altered versions of original songs made original again.  From your favorite band to your barely known, up-incoming acts. The brightest, most talented, artists of today, tomorrow, and the future, all lay it out in Daytrotter style.  FOR FUCKING FREE."           

Daytrotter Session by mountkimbie

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jamie xx proved in 2011, He's one seriously hard working producer/remix artist. Download for free his latest BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, and hours of other mixes right here right now! Did I say free music?

DOWNLOAD THIS NOW: Jamie xx’s BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

Since the beginning of 2011, Jamie XX has been hard at work.  Repeatedly pleasuring my humble, but arrogant ears.  He has failed to let me down.  After every release I become even more stoked and anxious for whats next.  

First it was the 27 minute,"in the mix for Benji B, on BBC Radio 1," released back in January.  A little over a month later, on 2/20/2011, he hit us again, with a nearly two hour long, "6 mix"  Initially I had little time to enjoy the "6 mix."  But eventually I was able to begin soaking it in.  I was really enjoying his solo stuff.  I was content with what he had already released, still blog months away from wearing out either of the first two mixes.  February had came and passed.  We were left with, what I call, "the epic success" aka "the sat 2/20/11, 6 mix," and a 13 track remix album.  

In late 2010 early 2011, he released two singles.  The first, a remix of the song "NY is killing me," and the second, another remix of the song "i'll take care of you," both songs taken from Gil Scott-Herons last album, "i'm new here."  The two singles were well received, quickly catching the attention of the public and the blogosphere.  The foundation was then set for the 13 track album produced entirely by Jamie XX and credited to both Gil Scott-Heron and Jamie XX can be found here.  "we're new here"  

A little further down the calendar he struck again.  In April the great folks over at Fact Magazine, released "Fact mix 239" featuring both Jamie XX and Oneman.  I didn't get into this one near as much as the others.  It begins really mellow, with some disco.  It begins to heat up a bit after the four tet "angel echoes" sample.  Soon the uk garage/drum n bass sound he's known for appears and he throws in a little dub.  Overall a quality mix. 
Don't let me sell the 23 year old Londoner short.  I'm not done yet.    On June 6, 2011 he released a self-produced EP "Far Nearer/Beat For."  That brings us to where we are now, or always are.  On our computers scouring music blogs, consuming mp3's.  

August has past and the long awaited "BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix," is a week old.  But you might not have it yet, or any of the other mixes.  Here is your chance to download almost all of Jamie XX's material released this year.  This young producer has had a busy year.  Remixes, BBC mixes, a full length, an EP, singles, and more, are all what was officially released to the people.  I'm sure he's sitting on much more un-released material.  So, we're ready when you are Jamie.  

Oh yeah, and one more thing.  Another important piece to add to a musicians resume, at least in the UK.  Is being one third of last years recipients of the 2010 Mercury Prize(as a member of the electro band "the XX"). 

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Breakfast in Bed

this was a non-traditional breakfast. i read about it in a free magazine. I think they used "non-traditional," to help avoid any intimidation or fear caused by such a strong statement like, "a vegan breakfast." a wild and sexy affair where feasting vegans become insanely obese overnight. i first observed all types of spiffy looking 20 somethings. then i spotted, without a doubt, 8 crusty looking 30 year olds. but who's counting? we were all lined up outside. all of us waiting to get some gluten free items and to try their expansive selection of soy based breakfast entrees. it was so classy. i rubbed and caressed the red velvet rope that stretched the whole block leading up to the door.  i arrived at the secret location downtown at 6:59:59, cold and tired from the 27 mile bike ride. i hate riding bikes and i don't have a working vehicle. so i commuted via bicycle.  i was aware of the dress code, so i dressed accordingly. but the ruler the doorman was using to measure with, had to have been a fake. i know my high heels! just as well as i know the hairs and 3 moles located on my ball sac. not my heels, not my pubic hairs and no mole on me is longer than six inches. it was really hard dealing with the fact that i was turned away. it's not like i received a fucking invitation, in all caps, addressed to me! they made my un-welcoming party even more fun when they sprayed me with a garden hose, with the nozzle head rotated one quarter of a turn to the 'power jet' setting. so now i was dripping wet, soaked, embarrassed, standing there like id been humiliated in front of the whole jr high school lunch room. Then it dawned on me, i road my dads road bike, the huffy "meat eater." painted and stickered with well designed, eye catching decals, that read MEAT EATER. It was so visually captivating i'm sure it was arranged and designed by a young typographer-type with real potential. they took my bike from me and yelled in my face.  i tried mustering up an explanation or defense. but i couldn't speak, my mouth was paralyzed so no words were entering the air. i couldn't make a sound. i handed them my wet and ruined i-phone, 5geez or 6geez of nothingness and started walking to the bus station. i thought wow, fuck my life! then the next thing i know, i was sitting upright in my bed at my house 27 miles outside of the city. starving, i walked into the kitchen poured the last of the popov into the highland orange juice jug and cooked a pound of bacon(hormel) and a pound of sausage(jimmy dean). and split everything right down the middle, piece for piece with my italian greyhound