Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In between the seriousness, meaningfulcore, deep, and plain strange thoughts, that often plague my night, I gathered this........

I don't even know but I really do care.
I ask so many questions but nobody shares.
I have nothing for you but the shame I wear.
I took a piece with each lie, until you were left bare.

It was 12 stones you lacked and then you added 2 more.
Did you ever feel complete or were you always unsure.
It was hope you pleaded while you chiseled at the floor.
Your weeping stretched miles as you shattered at the core.

Stay strong in your struggle, it wont always move slow. To be honest I stopped counting a long time ago. A life long answer to a question I'll never really know.

The hollowness is filled with every page I turn. Waiting for a breath through the calmest days. It speaks through noise and the piercing rain. You could flood my heart but I'll always complain.

It itches and stitches through your precision, twisting and tangling my stable condition.
I wrote my wrongs a hundred times and asked for forgiveness.
I bury it with ancient civilizations erased so horrendous.
We could seal our mouths shut but our eyes will remember this.


So on a serious tip yall. Watch out for mustache parties. You never know when you will stumble upon a DJ, mustaches, a bunch of hotties and a group of people you feel you share similar tastes with. The next thing you know, it has gotten too late, you know nobody there, and you have been making out with some other dudes girlfriend. Now your glasses (the ones that correct your seriously terrible vision) are broken, your hand hurts and your new flannel is torn.

AINT GOT MUCH 2 SAY BOUT THIS EXCEPT I <3 IT AND ANAIS!!! Yo! Check it, my hommie said something I wanted to share with yall. In one of our seriously deep, meaningful convos at the local dive, he says, "Bro, no thought is original, just originally rethought." Hmm, still trying to wrap my head around that. Das Racist - Fashion Party (w/Chairlift) by theindiedave
Das Racist - You Oughta Know by gaioso

Sunday, October 17, 2010

On a serious note.....He's gone crazy y'all!

I want to ramble. Here it go...Some people might read this and think that I'm being ignorant, unrealistic, and focusing on negatives. I can't help but be a little negative when 90% of all news, media and a large portion of humanity is negative. Political, Religious, cultural, whatever it is, people are not accepting or understanding of anything different. Morals, ethics, and traditions are a big part of those topics and differences. There is such a fine line. What is right and what is wrong? What is beneficial for one self, or for the greater good? Tradition is something that you must know and hold on to. But life is about changing, growing, learning and experiencing as much as you can. Preparing yourself for the next form or stage of your soul. Opening your mind. Breaking down the walls of your ego. You can learn so much while still knowing where you come from. Just open up your eyes and let go of selfish desires. It's simple this whole thing. Whatever it is that created us. Created all of us the same. We might be physically and mentally different. But our essence, our inner being, is all in the same. We all came from the same thing, we are all one. There is no such American, Russian, Indian, Asian, African, there are no colors. There's no difference on the inside, only on the outside. Here is something to remember. When you hurt others, you are hurting yourself, and when you hurt yourself, you always hurt others. You can't do something without it directly affecting something else. Cause and effect. The beauty of this life and our free will allows and forces us to make decisions. The decisions we make sometimes have immediate consequences or we will face them in the future. Regardless they are with us forever. And if you choose not to decide, that's making a decision. So will you decide to just sit back and let it be? Or will you give a ish?
Kamp! - Cosmological by Coole Mukke

When I talk about things like poverty, pain, suffering, and war. People often make comments like, "oh well, thats just a part of life." Or, "those people had it coming because their ancestors wrong doing." I understand that their will always be poverty, pain, suffering, war, ect. But that doesn't mean that it has to be so prevalent in this life on Earth. Thinking that we are just stuck like this, constantly living in fear and waiting for the next confrontation, is a cop out. It's selfish and lazy. It's sad that you live your life in acceptance of the negativity that surrounds us all and even comes out of your own mouth. If we all could just get a grip on what is really going on. We might not have to hate, kill, fight, and starve as much as we do. I truly think that the key to improving the world is an overall acceptance and respect for cultures, beliefs, and Nations who live spiritually driven. If you think of all the different cultures and religions that are practicing faith in a non-violent way, it makes you wonder. After reading and studying many different religions just a little, I have found so many similarities. And I cant help but always notice, in most of the worlds great religions, they believe that their way is the only way to God and the others are the devil. With so many sects in Christianity alone, I think you have to be foolish to think that your way is the only way. Someone on the path to God, who prays, gives, repents, loves, and sacrifices as much as the next, who is to say he is not righteous or with God. Thats is for God to judge not you. Some Christians think that even those who have never heard of Jesus will spend eternity being tortured in Hell. If God has a plan and purpose for everyone, your telling me that his purpose for those who have never heard of Christ was to live some kind of life as a human, maybe even a spiritual and loving life, and then be condemned to Hell? I highly doubt that.
kamp! - heats by bazh

I like to believe in any and all paths to God. I think all peoples beliefs and practices are equally valid, when interpreted within their own culture. As long as they are non-violent and have high moral standards. I have just began thinking about these global barriers that cause so much pain, death, and destruction. Mostly religious, and political. If we could move towards a unified spiritual connection, life could be much more enjoyable and less fearful. I believe that there will always be a negative force. So there will always be a struggle. But think how much power we could have against evil if we made some cultural and spirtutal sacrifices that allowed us to open our minds and hearts to others beliefs. I have this vision of all religions coming together to form the greatest positive force in this world. It might be unrealistic, it might be plain stupid. But do we want ourselves and our kids to live fighting, hating, talking blahhh, and destroying? Or CONNECTED, LOVING, SHARING, and GROWING?!?!?!


Monday, October 4, 2010

No longer attempting to reach a high level of internet fame and relevance. When I have my vision and seriously brilliant idea that will change the [WORLD] wide webs, Ill let yall know.

Even though I never had any, I am at a loss for creative viral internet memes/shit to take this to a serious level. I've been thinking, well maybe I'll just start a strictly music blog. But everyone has a music blog. So what the fuck can I do, seriously? Television reviews, Movie reviews? I don't watch much TV and don't see too many Movies. So I don't know. I'm not even sure this will be read. But I like to write and share music. I am sick of facebook and have only one follower on twitter. So I will write and share here, in a tiny, far away corner of cyberspace. I will attempt to make my next post more relevant via philosophy, psych, spiritually, Worldly, hip, relatable shit. I am no longer attempting to reach a high level of internet fame and relevance. At this time I am withdrawing all my efforts for viral recognition. Just gonna be myself and share some poetry and music for this post. When I have my vision and seriously brilliant idea that will change the [WORLD] wide webs, I'll let yall know.

Casiokids - Topp Stemning På Lokal Bar (double CD) by Popfrenzy

Is there anybody out there? Are u in are u in there? Can u hear me screaming from behind these walls? Will this chemical carry through this rise and fall. Hypocritical clouds blacked em out paranoid all along. Nobody told or asked me. I'm the one that chose to write this fucking song. For the people tell me I gotta take one for the team, for the book tells me I got to love thy enemy. I try real hard and look real deep but I cant see any good in thee. This is starting to freak me out. Im talking with 3 other people. All alone these conversations I fear. My eyes open and I realize, I'm the only one hear. I see someone sitting right over there. I don't recognize him but I know that he's here. Could it be the lack of sleep, could it be the caffeine. Na, I think it's my starving heart tripping on gasoline. Lost all I ever loved and awoke to find that it wasn't just a dream. Reincarnate your bad decisions, turn them into good intentions. Make yourself feel better. Tell them not to read my letter. Isolation tiny spaces drawing blood. Internal nation basis for a euphoric flood. Disconnect to reconnect the faces in the mud. When I go I take it slow. If u wanna know... I'll b hiding in mExIcO.