Sunday, December 26, 2010

pt. 2 Favorite songs of 2k10

I'm trying not to mention any song or video I've posted on srsly hip before.  If you want to know more check pt.1 (favorite 2k10 videos) those are 10 of my favorite songs or go through my old posts and you can find more of my favorites.  These are in no particular order or ranking except toward the end. For the soundcloud selections the track and artist are listed below. Some are open for download. It's a mess down there. But there's a serious amount of quality singles listed below. Get down, waste some time (a few hours) and let the sounds of 2k10 take u away into pt. 3.

Ra Ra Riot - The Orchard by albums

Angel Echoes by ~Fay~

06 SleighBells-RillRill by angryaustin

Broken Bells - The High Road by Skeebop

Anais Mitchell - Way Down Hadestown by morrisday

Caribou - Swim - 01 - Odessa by dancecoma

Beach House - "Walk In The Park" (from Teen Dream) by METRO Magazine

Blitzen Trapper - Destroyer Of The Void by GROG

Villagers - Becoming A Jackal by dervortex

Born Ruffians - Sole Brother by wereofftherails

3 - Freedom Or Death - Soldier by Freedom Or Death

2. When Your Love Is Safe by Active Child

Delorean - Real Love by asisntco

Audra Mae - The River by RockSoundMagazine

Ólafur Arnalds - Hægt, kemur ljósið by erasedtapes

Cry When You Get Older - Robyn by shiftdc2

Crystal Castles - Celestica by Crystal Castles

Chiddy Bang - Stylo (Remix feat. Chiddy Bang) by pacificfestival

mount kimbie - carbonated by stay-puft

Rhymefest - Say Wassup feat. Phonte by rsledge87

Outlander - The Vamp (Frankie Grimes 'Hipster' Reconstruction) by frankiegrimes

Hercules And Love Affair - Painted Eyes by PhilippMarkovich

jamie xx - far nearer by Artschoolvets

California Wives - Blood Red Youth by California Wives

Painted Palms - Great White by Szabom

Conner Youngblood - Monsters by The Wounded Jukebox

Mark Mcguire - Brainstorm by mjoozik

Gold Panda - You by subraw

MNDR - I Go Away by Camilo Mazo

White Hinterland - Icarus by musicmule

Vocal Chords - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. by livkend

Chris brown-deuces (remix) (feat. drake ti kanye west fabolous rick ross and andre 3000) by mjbriscoe

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Seriously Hip's 10 on 10. Pt. 1 Videos

It marks that time of the year when every news outlet, every blog, every popular magazine, every music source and everyone else comes out with a list.  The best and the worst of the year.  Being that seriously hip is hip as shit, I decided to hop on the wagon.  Seriously hip has decided to share with its readers our favorite albums, singles, and videos of this year. These lists are nothing but my opinions which I gathered after opening my ears and eyes.  Allowing music to stimulate my senses and penetrate my emotions.  This is part 1 of a three part series.

This is what's up, check it yo!  "2k10, the year I was born, thank u God." -SRSLY HIP- 











I decided to leave out any descriptions or reviews.  That would mean I would need to put even more time and effort into something that most people will probably just skim over because they have already seen the videos or they just don't care.  Thanks anyways......

Welcome back 2 the "free world" via 'fresh air' & the interwebs mister Assange....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Maybe I'm taking this too seriously

Maybe I haven't been taking this as seriously as I should. Maybe I've been taking myself too seriously. Maybe I haven't really made a political stance that is worthy of a blog that covers politics. Maybe I haven't exposed enough secret intel to get the Government on my ass. Maybe I don't pay taxes. Maybe I do pay taxes and am also a philanthropist. Maybe I haven't enough wisdom or life experience to have relevant insight on Religion and Philosophy. Maybe I can't write. Maybe I don't know shit about music. Maybe I don't even like music. Maybe all these things are true. Maybe I don't care. I do care. I LOVE MUSIC!!!

Life is all about selling and buying. Everyone is trying to sell something. They're selling a meme, a gimmick, their soul, their roller blades, an idea, a lung, their baseball card collection, mp3's, festy tickets, seriously valuable shit. A lot of Political journalists and T.V. commentators on the big national news stations are always promoting their books. Im not hating on writing books. I just wish they would get to the point already. Some people don't buy books and have already done bought a T.V. Instead of telling us the problem and then leaving us with no solution but the release date of your book. How about you tell me the problem, how it directly effects me, how it effects our country's future and what I can do about it. Simplify this mess. Some things they're really good at dumbing down other things they keep complex. Everything fell apart. Things are always falling apart. It wont be put back together by tomorrow or in 5 years. Not all the way at least. But Humpty Dumpty is working hard. He can't do it alone, he needs your help. "BE ALL YOU CAN BE." "LIVE FREE OR EFFING DIE!" "GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN!" What do you have to offer? Who is Humpty Dumpty?

Wake up and smell the coffee. Difficult choices plague life. So many ways to go. Or maybe just two. Right or wrong. Why is it so hard to always make the right decision? Is there a spiritual battle going on? Is it the devil? Is it a positive force against a negative force? Are we born this way? Are we born bad? Apparently that's Lady Gaga's excuse. Some people say we are born into darkness and sin. I'm not positive that's true. I am positive that we are not perfect and that we will always make mistakes. There is a way out. A way to lessen the damage. I don't have the perfect answer. Many religions and people think they do have the answer. My advice is to search for the "TRUTH." If you care and look whole heartedly, you will find it. You will get exactly what you put into it. A little or a lot, good or bad. I'm only 20smthg and I've experienced this my whole life. We're all here, we're not going anywhere until we die........

When I talk about seriously important shit, do I write the same thing every post just using different words? Or do I write the same thing using the exact same words? Does anybody care? Is this blog satirical, sarcastic, or really serious? Did I ask too many questions this post? I'm just trying to get you to think. Stimulate, evaluate, regenerate, procreate, and trust in fate. You should listen to this music and try not to think for a bit, just relax.

Noah And The Whale - L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N by ListenBeforeYouBuy
03 Falling Asleep - Painted Palms - Canopy EP by sneakalot
California Wives - Blood Red Youth by California Wives
Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by MCMLXXXVIII
Givers by body_song

Monday, November 29, 2010

I thought you were being serious......

I don't know why I was watching the national news today. Sometimes I want to try to stay informed and current. I really just hate it because it gets me thinking so much. I already have enough scattered and random thoughts. I don't need to stress my brain anymore than I do dissecting the lyrics to a song. But I watched the news for a while and got sidetracked from searching for buzzbands and blogging. All I ended up doing was researching these documents that have been leaked on the war in Afghanistan and some other diplomatic shit through Wikileaks. What I found out from many liberal media sources and some help from conservative Christian Glenn Beck. Is that I can't trust the Government. I must trust my gut. My gut tells me that these documents were not leaked by one Army Private alone on a covert mission to reveal to America and the world "the truth." I believe that this was a well thought out plan, organized by the American Government and has some tactical purpose. I share this belief with the Iranian president whom I go way back with. Everyone tells us that we can't trust the Government. That's what the release of these documents has done, that's why it's such a big deal and everyone is all pissy. It just adds to the growing distaste of the Government. There's more to it and it goes way deeper than I will ever understand. From the outside in, it looks like it's a negative situation but just remember politics go inside and out.


Have you ever been so deceived
You thought it might be better on the other side where it's green
Maybe you could live on a farm where it's simple but you could never leave
Are these people human do they breathe the same air do they see the things that you see
Will this quietness cause a landslide that leaks into the depths of the sea

Just know that hope inside this town will pave the way for love that we'll turn it around
These blades are spinning chopping up your grass it was green for a while but it didn't last
Find a rake to clean up this mess, take your shovel and pull it out of your chest
You'd better start digging the deepest hole to smother your hate and bury with her soul
Just know nobody's perfect and everyone hurts it's just an image some portray that hides the dirt

You could talk about the weather shut the blinds on a feather as it trickles and floats along
You could dance to the skies, write your goodbyes or sing a happy old song
You have now let go of hopeless desperation and bid farewell to the prettiest depression

Talking to tombstones of people that you never knew
Hard thinking of past future and present and the next thing you will do
The moss is heavy the leaves are black but spring will bring change soon
Just know that the cemetery has its plots and there is one just for you


Lovers - Boxer by Tla OT
Gone by Kids and Chemicals
Utopia 14 by Kids and Chemicals
Gayngs - Faded High by sxeseis
Gaudy sideof town - gayngs by meastar22

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nickelback BNM'D by Seriously Hip....Are they the Kanye West of Modern Rock? HRO style piece on the greatest rock and roll band ever.

All this rage about Kanye West got me thinking. Who is the yeezy of rock and roll. So many alt rock bands who are legit, Goo Goo dolls, Adam Lambert, Train, Fuel, Coldplay, Phish, Linkin Park, The Black Keys, Stone Sour, Nine Inch Nails, O-Town. Many great artists went through my head. It was earlier today when I was at Starbucks and the lady said to me, "Thanks for coming, here's your nickel back." Then I said out loud, "Ahh Shit fuck, Nickelbizzy......" She told me I needed to leave because Starbucks is a (NASDAQ: SBUX) owned, family environment where people can hear cool music and eat ice cream. I left and immediately went to researching Nickelback on my Macbook Pro.

Nickelback was formed by brothers Chad and Mike Kroeger and some other bros in 1995. They released their first seven track EP in 1996 called Hesher. They released a couple full lengths and soon became Canadian Indie superstars. The album the State was released independently and they soon began opening up for Rush along side Tegan and Sara. Everyone was really getting along well, loving life, drinking Canadian whiskey, watching hockey. Then some problems started to surface when Tegan from Tegan and Sara told Sara who told Mike who told Geddy Lee who told the sound bro from Nickelback who then told Chad, after seeing Chad's peen, she could never love a man again. So they moved their label to America in 2001 and went Platinum re-releasing the State under the label EMI.

Soon They exploded onto the American mainstream with the hit single "How you remind me of weird peens." Nickelback has sold millions upon millions of records. They are the #1 selling post grunge music act of the 2000's. They are the 2nd best selling foreign act behind the Beatles. They are the highest ranked adult rock band, and the highest ranked rock artist on Billboards list of artists of the decade. They effing kill it! Over the past 10 years I can't think of anytime that I was so blessed to be listening to top 40 or modern alt rock, and Nickelback didn't have a single playing on that stations 10 song rotation. Just think yall, if every year for the past ten years your band has had a song on that rotation you must be seriously talented. Nickelback has had 25 singles that have blasted through your factory speakers onto your Power 96.5 Jams, all the way to your Z93.3 edge active rock station. A career spanning 5 albums over 10years. If they keep up this pace they will one day go down as the greatest rock and roll band ever.

Will Nickelback go down as the greatest rock band ever along side U2 and The Grateful Dead?
Is Rush now opening for Nickelback?
Have they ever gone back to Canada, or do they just chill in L.A. cause Canada sucks?
Do yall wanna b big rockstars, stay skinny cause u just wont eat, have drug dealers on speed dial, pop your pills from a PEZ dispenser?
Do yall have weeds in the backyard 4 feet tall?
Do u <3 Chad Kroegers voice? Would you rather b Chaz Bundick or Chad Kroeger? Do u think if Tegan saw ur peen that she would go straight? Did they invent the active rock genre or was that Avenged Sevenfold? Do yall h8 me for impersonating Carles? If u had one word to describe Nickelback what would it b? R U STOKED CHAD WENT BACK TO HIS INDIE ROOTS AND DID A SONG WITH MY DARKEST DAYS AND LUDACRIS?

Did I just loose the small amount of indie/alt/music/relevant credibility that I had?


3 days ago 22
Me: Mom, i'm gonna fight 1507 people now, i'll be back soon.

Mom: By yourselft?!

Me: No, i have 61,614 people with me. :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

DAY 3. Why the Serious Look?

Kanye west ft Pusha-T cyhi da prynce big sean & J cole - looking for trouble by WWW.VIIMAG.COM

Day 3 was a day we'd hoped would never come. But it's not like we could avoid it. If things were gonna change, there would inevitably be a third day. After scouring the the streets for warmth, contentment, companionship, nickels, dimes, and isolation we finally found some concrete. The concrete was chipping away revealing a place where only cigarette ashes and broken dreams were found. One side was crumbling and soaked in red. The other side was smooth and unscaved, only showing scuff marks from Berlutis and John Lobbs. It was a hard and unforgiving place to hide from society, and our problems. We never did this by choice. Why would we take responsibility for something so shameful and terrible. It was all my fault.

You would think something so serious and intense would take work. It took the exact opposite. And that was the problem. It took caring about nothing. Thats's a fairly easy thing to do. Terribly confused and locked in box where there are only sharp objects and words with no substance. Why even talk when you have nothing to say? Lets sleep and forget the day. Lets wallow in tablecloths from the finer things in life. Covering broken bones and weary eyes. Shutting out and off until 5:00 am. It begins requiring more effort than is desired. Flashes of reality hit hard, emotions flood like rivers and remorse rises with the sun. None of this is worth it.

He has fallen off his rocker but I'm still hanging on to mine. It's tipping at such an angle that the slightest nudge will send me face first into the floor of the bathroom stall. I can't do it out here. It's way too noisy and this entire city is my only friend. I wouldn't even try. Every time I tried, the first day I spent on the bus gathering transfers and admiring the hispanic women. The 2nd day I work up the courage to talk to one of them right before I decide I'm not getting on the bus. The rest of day two is spent just trying to find that bathroom where my habits and mistakes were slid under the wall to the gentleman in the next stall. I'll give him everything of mine but I wont take anything of his. I don't need his stress, his cares, his passions. I have enough to worry about, in two hours it will be day 3. Lucky me.

We need this day, I love this day. Today is the day. What else can I say. I feel a lot. I know that I have prepared myself for more than 3 days of feelings. I couldn't do it by choice, I made a choice, hand it over to the care of steal, blue, and authority. I lay and I pray wondering how I found this seam of righteousness in the thickness of pain. It will all be ok. A little of this and a little of that. It's nothing I haven't felt before. It is like the misery of your worst day and the emptiness of letting go of everything you thought was good. Who cares, this too shall pass. I will sleep again. I will eat again. I will love again. I will take these chills and these aching limbs and breathe deeply through my hollow soul. At 11:59 I will hold my breath for one minute. Time has passed someone is healed. When I exhale everything is been put back together with strong and sticky glue, I am stuck to the floor, now it's day 4.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I can't take you seriously.........ELECTION ALERT!!!!!!

Wow yall! Really hope you peeps got out and voted today. We have such serious issues that must be addressed by an elected gentlemen or lady. A person who we have never met but looked really good in their commercial where they were telling you about the other guy smoking dank, practicing witchery and spending your money at strip clubs. While at the same time mentioning one seriously brilliant idea that they have, promising to push for it once they make it to D.C. The local schools, churches, VFW's ect were flooded today with senior citizens who probably have the same views as they did 40 years ago. Not sure how I feel about that, as well as those who serve life terms in office. I think a lot changes in 40 years and I hope those who vote or make important decisions while in their elected position, not only think about themselves (special interests) but the greater good and the future. The polls were also invaded by babies(0smthng's) Who were filling out split ballots. Due to their underdeveloped brains they haven't been able to gain the confidence needed for a strictly right or left decision.

In all reality I do care. If you read my post, like so many blog months ago, you know my opinions and views. They aren't really anything new, just ignorant and uninformed. But it's not my fault, I try to listen to both fox news and msnbc. I try to keep an open mind. I try to read a lot. Always googling things like Sunni, Shiite, GOP, JFK, earmarks, watermarks, life, love, hipsters, hippies, pop stars, buzzbands, women, Joey Martino. Ya know, seriously political shit. But the truth is yall, I can't vote due to reasons I wont get into. But I think that everyone should vote and hold firm in your beliefs. It is one part of your beautiful life that really brands you. So whether it's a donkey or an elephant, effin put that sticker on your car, rep that shit, and dont take your "I voted" sticker off until thursday or maybe friday. A group of men or women should collectively make decisions but those decisions will be flawed until I am a part of that group. Jus sayin.
Lemon Jelly by rocksteddie2

This I do here is so sick and nasty
Gorilla hair country boy so fuckin classy
You wanna know, hommie just ask me
You talk about the high life
You talk about the lime light
Where u really come from, killers and street fights
Paint a picture of hustlin, criminals and fiends
lights out locked down horrifying screams
You dont know what I've been through, what I've been given
Haters gonna hate mu fucka I lived it
They say, "he dont know hip-hop, he dont know rap, he's just a white dude actin like he's black"
Well, mu fucka it's clear mu fucka im here, sent to the front lines holdin just a spear, my words are gifts sent to ease your fear, you'll never know the joys if u never get near
So touchey little buddy, bye bye bye
no staty update or whats on my mind
no sharing chillwave buzzbands or hey I really 'like'
Social media is dead, all I need is one mic

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In between the seriousness, meaningfulcore, deep, and plain strange thoughts, that often plague my night, I gathered this........

I don't even know but I really do care.
I ask so many questions but nobody shares.
I have nothing for you but the shame I wear.
I took a piece with each lie, until you were left bare.

It was 12 stones you lacked and then you added 2 more.
Did you ever feel complete or were you always unsure.
It was hope you pleaded while you chiseled at the floor.
Your weeping stretched miles as you shattered at the core.

Stay strong in your struggle, it wont always move slow. To be honest I stopped counting a long time ago. A life long answer to a question I'll never really know.

The hollowness is filled with every page I turn. Waiting for a breath through the calmest days. It speaks through noise and the piercing rain. You could flood my heart but I'll always complain.

It itches and stitches through your precision, twisting and tangling my stable condition.
I wrote my wrongs a hundred times and asked for forgiveness.
I bury it with ancient civilizations erased so horrendous.
We could seal our mouths shut but our eyes will remember this.


So on a serious tip yall. Watch out for mustache parties. You never know when you will stumble upon a DJ, mustaches, a bunch of hotties and a group of people you feel you share similar tastes with. The next thing you know, it has gotten too late, you know nobody there, and you have been making out with some other dudes girlfriend. Now your glasses (the ones that correct your seriously terrible vision) are broken, your hand hurts and your new flannel is torn.

AINT GOT MUCH 2 SAY BOUT THIS EXCEPT I <3 IT AND ANAIS!!! Yo! Check it, my hommie said something I wanted to share with yall. In one of our seriously deep, meaningful convos at the local dive, he says, "Bro, no thought is original, just originally rethought." Hmm, still trying to wrap my head around that. Das Racist - Fashion Party (w/Chairlift) by theindiedave
Das Racist - You Oughta Know by gaioso

Sunday, October 17, 2010

On a serious note.....He's gone crazy y'all!

I want to ramble. Here it go...Some people might read this and think that I'm being ignorant, unrealistic, and focusing on negatives. I can't help but be a little negative when 90% of all news, media and a large portion of humanity is negative. Political, Religious, cultural, whatever it is, people are not accepting or understanding of anything different. Morals, ethics, and traditions are a big part of those topics and differences. There is such a fine line. What is right and what is wrong? What is beneficial for one self, or for the greater good? Tradition is something that you must know and hold on to. But life is about changing, growing, learning and experiencing as much as you can. Preparing yourself for the next form or stage of your soul. Opening your mind. Breaking down the walls of your ego. You can learn so much while still knowing where you come from. Just open up your eyes and let go of selfish desires. It's simple this whole thing. Whatever it is that created us. Created all of us the same. We might be physically and mentally different. But our essence, our inner being, is all in the same. We all came from the same thing, we are all one. There is no such American, Russian, Indian, Asian, African, there are no colors. There's no difference on the inside, only on the outside. Here is something to remember. When you hurt others, you are hurting yourself, and when you hurt yourself, you always hurt others. You can't do something without it directly affecting something else. Cause and effect. The beauty of this life and our free will allows and forces us to make decisions. The decisions we make sometimes have immediate consequences or we will face them in the future. Regardless they are with us forever. And if you choose not to decide, that's making a decision. So will you decide to just sit back and let it be? Or will you give a ish?
Kamp! - Cosmological by Coole Mukke

When I talk about things like poverty, pain, suffering, and war. People often make comments like, "oh well, thats just a part of life." Or, "those people had it coming because their ancestors wrong doing." I understand that their will always be poverty, pain, suffering, war, ect. But that doesn't mean that it has to be so prevalent in this life on Earth. Thinking that we are just stuck like this, constantly living in fear and waiting for the next confrontation, is a cop out. It's selfish and lazy. It's sad that you live your life in acceptance of the negativity that surrounds us all and even comes out of your own mouth. If we all could just get a grip on what is really going on. We might not have to hate, kill, fight, and starve as much as we do. I truly think that the key to improving the world is an overall acceptance and respect for cultures, beliefs, and Nations who live spiritually driven. If you think of all the different cultures and religions that are practicing faith in a non-violent way, it makes you wonder. After reading and studying many different religions just a little, I have found so many similarities. And I cant help but always notice, in most of the worlds great religions, they believe that their way is the only way to God and the others are the devil. With so many sects in Christianity alone, I think you have to be foolish to think that your way is the only way. Someone on the path to God, who prays, gives, repents, loves, and sacrifices as much as the next, who is to say he is not righteous or with God. Thats is for God to judge not you. Some Christians think that even those who have never heard of Jesus will spend eternity being tortured in Hell. If God has a plan and purpose for everyone, your telling me that his purpose for those who have never heard of Christ was to live some kind of life as a human, maybe even a spiritual and loving life, and then be condemned to Hell? I highly doubt that.
kamp! - heats by bazh

I like to believe in any and all paths to God. I think all peoples beliefs and practices are equally valid, when interpreted within their own culture. As long as they are non-violent and have high moral standards. I have just began thinking about these global barriers that cause so much pain, death, and destruction. Mostly religious, and political. If we could move towards a unified spiritual connection, life could be much more enjoyable and less fearful. I believe that there will always be a negative force. So there will always be a struggle. But think how much power we could have against evil if we made some cultural and spirtutal sacrifices that allowed us to open our minds and hearts to others beliefs. I have this vision of all religions coming together to form the greatest positive force in this world. It might be unrealistic, it might be plain stupid. But do we want ourselves and our kids to live fighting, hating, talking blahhh, and destroying? Or CONNECTED, LOVING, SHARING, and GROWING?!?!?!


Monday, October 4, 2010

No longer attempting to reach a high level of internet fame and relevance. When I have my vision and seriously brilliant idea that will change the [WORLD] wide webs, Ill let yall know.

Even though I never had any, I am at a loss for creative viral internet memes/shit to take this to a serious level. I've been thinking, well maybe I'll just start a strictly music blog. But everyone has a music blog. So what the fuck can I do, seriously? Television reviews, Movie reviews? I don't watch much TV and don't see too many Movies. So I don't know. I'm not even sure this will be read. But I like to write and share music. I am sick of facebook and have only one follower on twitter. So I will write and share here, in a tiny, far away corner of cyberspace. I will attempt to make my next post more relevant via philosophy, psych, spiritually, Worldly, hip, relatable shit. I am no longer attempting to reach a high level of internet fame and relevance. At this time I am withdrawing all my efforts for viral recognition. Just gonna be myself and share some poetry and music for this post. When I have my vision and seriously brilliant idea that will change the [WORLD] wide webs, I'll let yall know.

Casiokids - Topp Stemning På Lokal Bar (double CD) by Popfrenzy

Is there anybody out there? Are u in are u in there? Can u hear me screaming from behind these walls? Will this chemical carry through this rise and fall. Hypocritical clouds blacked em out paranoid all along. Nobody told or asked me. I'm the one that chose to write this fucking song. For the people tell me I gotta take one for the team, for the book tells me I got to love thy enemy. I try real hard and look real deep but I cant see any good in thee. This is starting to freak me out. Im talking with 3 other people. All alone these conversations I fear. My eyes open and I realize, I'm the only one hear. I see someone sitting right over there. I don't recognize him but I know that he's here. Could it be the lack of sleep, could it be the caffeine. Na, I think it's my starving heart tripping on gasoline. Lost all I ever loved and awoke to find that it wasn't just a dream. Reincarnate your bad decisions, turn them into good intentions. Make yourself feel better. Tell them not to read my letter. Isolation tiny spaces drawing blood. Internal nation basis for a euphoric flood. Disconnect to reconnect the faces in the mud. When I go I take it slow. If u wanna know... I'll b hiding in mExIcO.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I want to blow yo mind, twist yo visions, make u think that I think, u think im crazy. No. I really just want to go viral on the web. Working on something serious to take this blog to the next level! But until then, here is this, I wrote it a while back. And some music!

Im feeling sick I need to see the doctor. I'm paralyzed by fear but I'm not sure. Can I let her know I'm crazy or will it shock her. We water this life we grow so high our trees atop the clear blue sky. We were born out of anger and shame, wicked ways and bad days the beast is tamed. Don't ask me why or where it died, just ask for forgiveness or forever be stained. I've become a master of delusions avoiding everything thats real, my fantasy world consists of illusions, a dream world only I feel. I sneak inside dressed in black, confusion, the money I steal. My days are becoming more and more mysterious, I swear they got it out for me there building castles of conspiracies. But I retreat deny defeat, those saints are very serious. They tell me to seek the doctor, damned delirious. I tell them we are normal, no need for fear of us. Just send it away, no more will you hear from us.


Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, the clock stopped, I'm stuck, we're fucked, I'm spun loose and your unglued, between the two of us we just killed the mood, but thats ok, cause everyone knows me for bein rude, I let em down time after time but I stay shine cause I'm one bad dude. This is not your business, I own this store, the customer is never right, it says it right above the door. So pack your shit, kick rocks, don't you get the fuckin clue, move on out bitch, there's nothing here for you to do. I see you whining at the gate like a dog on all fours, you will not get inside, I changed the locks on all the doors. I guess if you pay the right price maybe then I'll think twice, I forgot it does feel nice to have someone by my side. I turn the volume down as I start to fade, I conquered their violence through a static raid, for many lost soldiers the general prays, the generator brings holy ghost, fucks brain waves, my friend has lost it he's gone insane, I cant find my mind, we need not stay.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It doesn't get more serious than political and socio memes, yall!

I was really wanting to write something relevant on politics and society. Seriously important shit. But instead I wrote this. I've spent a lot of time trying to get into politics. Taking a look at the topic from a totally objective point of view. I be checkin out Obamas, tea partiers, heathcare reformers, finance reformers, hedge funds, derivatives, immigrationists, socialism, capitalism, all that serious shit. I be reading a lot yall. Researching and getting informed. Reading some things over like three times to even begin to understand. What I now understand, and had previously assumed, is that politics is a mess consisting of liars, cheaters, money, evil, special interests, New York, Detroit, money, liars, Washington DC, wall street, banks, corporations, big business, money, special interests, liars, cheaters, rich, poor, donkeys, elephants, and liars. I could go on rambling my opinions, citing history, referencing cases, quotes, and people, but ill save you the b.s. What I have learned is to always care and always stay informed. So when people discuss politics you can at least act like you know what your talking about. Go out and Vote, let your voice be heard yall, and try to convince all your friends and the people of the opposing side to follow in your beliefs, which are certainly the most beneficial for everyone. Just hope for the best. Take care of yourself and let God take care of the crooks.

Society is another serious thing going on here. I mean it's us, you and me, and that guy over there with a really serious look on his face. Violence, hate, people, cars, houses, technology, philanthropy, peeps wanting to burn religious texts. All sorts of crazy shit going down via society. I wonder if I burned the Quran, Tora, Gita, and Bible, all together, I would figure this whole mess out. I wont ever find out because I wouldn't burn anyones holy book. I'm seriously respectful and it wouldn't do me any good no matter how much I hated them or wanted to make a statement. But I could if I wanted to, we live in a free society. Society is well rounded, people are always changing and evolving. Whether it's technology or trends, we be in socio motion yall. Some people choose to stay still or move backwards. For one reason or the other they dont buy into trends, fads, or technology. They would just rather be stuck in bedrock. Society is what you make it. It's your actions. It's the people and places you surround yourself with. Old or new, good or bad. Most men and women are naturally good hearted, but any flaws in society are exact reflections of our own personal flaws. So fix yourself for the better, treat others how you want to be treated and society will then be flawless and seriously perfect.

Extra note: A brilliant philosopher of the midwestern North Americas by the name of Joey Martino once said, "All you really need in life, like seriously, is food water and a lover. Thats all we humans need to continue existing. No clothes, no machines, no computers, no oil, believe it or not, we dont even need music. Just need some seeds to plant, which will then become food, some water which is abundant in most places, and a mate to procreate." So check yourself and think long and hard bout that yo!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Something Serious Yo!

I am working on something highly relevant yall[via politics, society, important shit like that]. All I can leave you with for now is this shit I wrote the other night, and 2 dope ass songs w/ videos.

Something out there is stealing fire gathering mass amounts for selfish reasons pulling the very fabric that has patched and mended the only colors seen by a soul in solace for the tight grips of reality reflect hard upon the cold summers of a land where food and water are scarce. Something else lives in these lands on earth that stretches the vast valleys and the high mountains all the way to the depths of the deepest graves. Something too cold to hold yet too hot to touch, too bright to see, too fragrant to smell, and too salty to taste. Something always brings back the light when the darkness seems undefeated, a constant battle, a constant struggle, a war of wars, a heartless warrior against a heartfilled army, a neverending battle that affects all life all over. Blood spilled from wounds of greed, hearts broken from lust of flesh, minds ruined from unhealthy desires, the passing of time only gives notice to lives lost. The ways many go are uncertain. Every end marks another beginning. And today here and now we mark the eternal end to hate and the endless life of love.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

There is a shit ton of doors in this place, seriously!

I will bet all of my 3 doors down albums for your Doors albums that you are in sight of a door. Ok well I dont have any 3 doors down cds but thats how confident I am. Doors are everywhere, such a huge part of life. Your car, your house, your job, and you can even relate them to philosophy. Today I went to Menards in search of a new door. I didn't find one but I did notice that there was a shit ton of doors. So I asked the guy, "how many doors yall got in stock here." He looked at me crazy and shook his head. He obviously hasn't been on inventory duty. I was still curious in my quest so I called Lowes to see how many they had. 3,704 doors. Then I called Home Depot. 1,410 doors. So I'm estimating that in the whole world there are about a shit ton of doors.

Doors have two working functions, to open and to close. A door can open to the beauty of a holy Cathedral with wonderful stained glass, families meditating in peace and the joyous harmonies of a choir. A man may be knocking at a door nervous and trembling with rose in hand awaiting his first date. A door may be the way you choose to go regarding a new buisness opportunity. A door may also slam close. Like when a man has had enough of his wifes lies and deceit that he storms away literally closing the door in her face. And also figuratively closing the door on the realtionship. A door might open to the dreadfulness of infidel, or to the horrors of poverty and a trashy mess. While at the same time a very heavy steal door with the number 8 is electronically shuting, closing off all contact an inmate will have with the outside world. Closing out all opportunity and life as he knows it.

Since my trip to Menards I have realized that there is a shit ton of doors in this place(life), seriously. Everyday as I open and shut many doors, I'm also realizing something else. That through constant change and growth, good decisions and bad decisions, good fortune and misfortune, doors are always closing. But when one door closes I can honestly say another opens.

Extra note: In 1954 Aldous Huxley published a book titled "The Doors of Perception." He got the title from William Blake: "If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite", A famous band then used the same title in coming up with their name "The Doors"

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Serious Balance

All of my life I have been in search of many things.  Truth, purpose, meaning, love, ect.  Here lately those things have remained on my mind along with another.  A relevant blog to take this shit here to the next level.  I thought, what is really going on here?  What do the people need, what do they want from a blogger?   I have no idea what you want to read .  But just maybe there is a chance that what I found to be srsly hip and relevant in this cruel, mad, and beautiful world,  you might be able to relate to.

Today I begin with balance.  Balance is defined in the Websters New World Dictionary third college edition as:  A state of equilibrium or equipoise; equality in amount , weight, value, or importance, as between two things or the paths of a thing.  It is found in the St. Joseph, Atchison phone book only once under Balance Disorders.  Disorder can come about at anytime or anyplace and last for seconds as long as many years.  For years I was living in disorder, perhaps out of balance.  I recently posted something on facebook ending with WORK, DANCE, LOVE.  I coincidently  went to see a movie titled "Eat, Pray, Love."  The movie was fair.  If you like Julia Roberts you would like it.  What I realized besides Italy, India, and Bali would be great places to visit is, we all need balance.  Whether it's working, eating, dancing, praying, loving or something I didn't mention.  You must find time for them all.  You must find an equal amount of time for the things you want and the things you need.

I have no more insight  than a silly movie or two big signs in a music video i.e. WORK, DANCE.  But I can tell you that my life was in crazy disorder.  In my recent living I have re-discoverd many loves and found new interests.  My life is by no means perfect.  But one thing I have been able to grasp as of late is,  I am happier because I have been balancing the pains, struggles, and hard times of life with my loves and interests.  I guess it's as simple as Ying and Yang, up and down.  Whatever the deal is, however it goes just remember, take the trip to the beach but dont forget to feed the dog.