Saturday, September 11, 2010

It doesn't get more serious than political and socio memes, yall!

I was really wanting to write something relevant on politics and society. Seriously important shit. But instead I wrote this. I've spent a lot of time trying to get into politics. Taking a look at the topic from a totally objective point of view. I be checkin out Obamas, tea partiers, heathcare reformers, finance reformers, hedge funds, derivatives, immigrationists, socialism, capitalism, all that serious shit. I be reading a lot yall. Researching and getting informed. Reading some things over like three times to even begin to understand. What I now understand, and had previously assumed, is that politics is a mess consisting of liars, cheaters, money, evil, special interests, New York, Detroit, money, liars, Washington DC, wall street, banks, corporations, big business, money, special interests, liars, cheaters, rich, poor, donkeys, elephants, and liars. I could go on rambling my opinions, citing history, referencing cases, quotes, and people, but ill save you the b.s. What I have learned is to always care and always stay informed. So when people discuss politics you can at least act like you know what your talking about. Go out and Vote, let your voice be heard yall, and try to convince all your friends and the people of the opposing side to follow in your beliefs, which are certainly the most beneficial for everyone. Just hope for the best. Take care of yourself and let God take care of the crooks.

Society is another serious thing going on here. I mean it's us, you and me, and that guy over there with a really serious look on his face. Violence, hate, people, cars, houses, technology, philanthropy, peeps wanting to burn religious texts. All sorts of crazy shit going down via society. I wonder if I burned the Quran, Tora, Gita, and Bible, all together, I would figure this whole mess out. I wont ever find out because I wouldn't burn anyones holy book. I'm seriously respectful and it wouldn't do me any good no matter how much I hated them or wanted to make a statement. But I could if I wanted to, we live in a free society. Society is well rounded, people are always changing and evolving. Whether it's technology or trends, we be in socio motion yall. Some people choose to stay still or move backwards. For one reason or the other they dont buy into trends, fads, or technology. They would just rather be stuck in bedrock. Society is what you make it. It's your actions. It's the people and places you surround yourself with. Old or new, good or bad. Most men and women are naturally good hearted, but any flaws in society are exact reflections of our own personal flaws. So fix yourself for the better, treat others how you want to be treated and society will then be flawless and seriously perfect.

Extra note: A brilliant philosopher of the midwestern North Americas by the name of Joey Martino once said, "All you really need in life, like seriously, is food water and a lover. Thats all we humans need to continue existing. No clothes, no machines, no computers, no oil, believe it or not, we dont even need music. Just need some seeds to plant, which will then become food, some water which is abundant in most places, and a mate to procreate." So check yourself and think long and hard bout that yo!


  1. only comment i have is that life would suck without music, but yes, we could survive.
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