Sunday, August 29, 2010

Something Serious Yo!

I am working on something highly relevant yall[via politics, society, important shit like that]. All I can leave you with for now is this shit I wrote the other night, and 2 dope ass songs w/ videos.

Something out there is stealing fire gathering mass amounts for selfish reasons pulling the very fabric that has patched and mended the only colors seen by a soul in solace for the tight grips of reality reflect hard upon the cold summers of a land where food and water are scarce. Something else lives in these lands on earth that stretches the vast valleys and the high mountains all the way to the depths of the deepest graves. Something too cold to hold yet too hot to touch, too bright to see, too fragrant to smell, and too salty to taste. Something always brings back the light when the darkness seems undefeated, a constant battle, a constant struggle, a war of wars, a heartless warrior against a heartfilled army, a neverending battle that affects all life all over. Blood spilled from wounds of greed, hearts broken from lust of flesh, minds ruined from unhealthy desires, the passing of time only gives notice to lives lost. The ways many go are uncertain. Every end marks another beginning. And today here and now we mark the eternal end to hate and the endless life of love.

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