Thursday, September 16, 2010

I want to blow yo mind, twist yo visions, make u think that I think, u think im crazy. No. I really just want to go viral on the web. Working on something serious to take this blog to the next level! But until then, here is this, I wrote it a while back. And some music!

Im feeling sick I need to see the doctor. I'm paralyzed by fear but I'm not sure. Can I let her know I'm crazy or will it shock her. We water this life we grow so high our trees atop the clear blue sky. We were born out of anger and shame, wicked ways and bad days the beast is tamed. Don't ask me why or where it died, just ask for forgiveness or forever be stained. I've become a master of delusions avoiding everything thats real, my fantasy world consists of illusions, a dream world only I feel. I sneak inside dressed in black, confusion, the money I steal. My days are becoming more and more mysterious, I swear they got it out for me there building castles of conspiracies. But I retreat deny defeat, those saints are very serious. They tell me to seek the doctor, damned delirious. I tell them we are normal, no need for fear of us. Just send it away, no more will you hear from us.


Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, the clock stopped, I'm stuck, we're fucked, I'm spun loose and your unglued, between the two of us we just killed the mood, but thats ok, cause everyone knows me for bein rude, I let em down time after time but I stay shine cause I'm one bad dude. This is not your business, I own this store, the customer is never right, it says it right above the door. So pack your shit, kick rocks, don't you get the fuckin clue, move on out bitch, there's nothing here for you to do. I see you whining at the gate like a dog on all fours, you will not get inside, I changed the locks on all the doors. I guess if you pay the right price maybe then I'll think twice, I forgot it does feel nice to have someone by my side. I turn the volume down as I start to fade, I conquered their violence through a static raid, for many lost soldiers the general prays, the generator brings holy ghost, fucks brain waves, my friend has lost it he's gone insane, I cant find my mind, we need not stay.

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