Tuesday, August 24, 2010

There is a shit ton of doors in this place, seriously!

I will bet all of my 3 doors down albums for your Doors albums that you are in sight of a door. Ok well I dont have any 3 doors down cds but thats how confident I am. Doors are everywhere, such a huge part of life. Your car, your house, your job, and you can even relate them to philosophy. Today I went to Menards in search of a new door. I didn't find one but I did notice that there was a shit ton of doors. So I asked the guy, "how many doors yall got in stock here." He looked at me crazy and shook his head. He obviously hasn't been on inventory duty. I was still curious in my quest so I called Lowes to see how many they had. 3,704 doors. Then I called Home Depot. 1,410 doors. So I'm estimating that in the whole world there are about a shit ton of doors.

Doors have two working functions, to open and to close. A door can open to the beauty of a holy Cathedral with wonderful stained glass, families meditating in peace and the joyous harmonies of a choir. A man may be knocking at a door nervous and trembling with rose in hand awaiting his first date. A door may be the way you choose to go regarding a new buisness opportunity. A door may also slam close. Like when a man has had enough of his wifes lies and deceit that he storms away literally closing the door in her face. And also figuratively closing the door on the realtionship. A door might open to the dreadfulness of infidel, or to the horrors of poverty and a trashy mess. While at the same time a very heavy steal door with the number 8 is electronically shuting, closing off all contact an inmate will have with the outside world. Closing out all opportunity and life as he knows it.

Since my trip to Menards I have realized that there is a shit ton of doors in this place(life), seriously. Everyday as I open and shut many doors, I'm also realizing something else. That through constant change and growth, good decisions and bad decisions, good fortune and misfortune, doors are always closing. But when one door closes I can honestly say another opens.

Extra note: In 1954 Aldous Huxley published a book titled "The Doors of Perception." He got the title from William Blake: "If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite", A famous band then used the same title in coming up with their name "The Doors"

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