Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Trying to lighten up, not be so serious. This post I'm gonna let y'all know some of the more serious shit going on in my life.

If u wear flip flops and or blue jeans.....u have a serious problem.  jus say'n.....Dude.....Bro, ur breath smells like shit!
I don't chew gum, don't wear flip-flops, and I will never wear blue jeans.  I'm not this bro above.  Not sure if it's my subconscious or it's the fact I genuinely find jeans and flip-flops uncomfortable.  The gum is something I might need to check into, considering I smoke and don't floss as much as the dentist might recommend.  I thought, maybe I don't incorporate jeans and sandal thongs into my personal brand, because every other "bro schmo" does.  It's all about comfortability and authenticity.  Since nobody else wears dickies and closed toed sandals or shoes, I thought I'd be 'that guy.'  I'm a 'man,' but I am no 'bro.'  I'm a 'skater gangster,' who doesn't skate and isn't affiliated with a gang.  I do snowboard really well and used to skate frequently at the local rink,  but have definitely never participated in, 'gangster' like extracurriculars.  I guess my point is, I'd rather look young and rebellious rather than a professional, responsible, regular ol' bro.  My parents think that's plain stupid and immature.  I plead with my mom to assist me in transforming my brand to a 'super prep.'  In other words, asking her to buy my clothes for me, which isn't going to happen, because I'm an 'adult.'  All this is pretty much irrelevant to anyone reading this.  So...........seriously.......random and...........NEXT TOPIC...... 

I started school.  Jumping head first into the spring semester of 2k11.  I plan to graduate from ______ with a _______ in ________ in the fall of 2k22.  When I was in my ethics class on the first day of school the teacher had us introduce ourselves.  Everybody started giving their name, an explanation for why they are at the community college, and their plans for the future i.e. degree, transfer, whatever.  So it came to me and without hesitation I seriously said, "Hi!  Uhhhh...... my name is Joey Martino, I am just here to get back in the 'groove' of things, been out of school for about 5 years.  My plan is to start an electro buzzband and put out a hip-hop album by next summer."  I also went around to the common area and throughout the halls to the boards with random shit about upcoming events, groups, and stuff for sale and posted an advertisement for my blog.  It says, "for the latest and greatest, relevant mp3's visit http://www.srslyhip.blogspot.com."  Even though I don't "run" a music blog and really only feature a small amount of music, that is not relevant, I thought that would be the best way to advertise.  I haven't seen any increase in traffic.  I've actually seen a decrease which I blame on poor content.

I seriously don't watch very much t.v.  I watch football and some other sports, but if you take that time out, it's probably less than an hour a week.  Well, that has changed as of late.  With the hit shows, Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, and Skins I have been sucked back into "the boob tube."  The channel that helped raise me since my earliest memories of being home alone.  I'm not going to elaborate, give any reviews or commentary regarding these shows.  Or give the name or number of the channel.  All I Know is that there are struggling mothers, people making asses of themselves and terrible acting and or an "actor."  Below is the 'bro' that should have been cast as the lead role in the hit show, "Skins." 

Hercules & Love Affair - Blue Songs by moshi moshi musica>


From silence and isolation comes a storm of thoughts a racing I quiver as I crawl into my head my wretched mind is pacing like taking a 1000 steps and only moving inches....these aching bones and cold chills sleepless nights I'm facing.  
Prolonging the inevitable your hell now inhibits you transferring state of mind to an unconscious perception your beautiful life is now tainted with deception.
From noise comes pain that can't break the walls of seclusion only to trick the mind into a happy illusion forever injecting substance causing confusion this time I pass with apathetic dillusion I wish I could faint ending this army's intrusion.
Misfits drifters outright thugs and cold blooded klllers and the death of one could mean the death of all what the fuck you gonna do when the walls start to fall everything you thought you knew starts to fade away as this realness and rawness starts to stake its claim held down by your demons and these cold steel chains strap you in the chair fry or gas your brains walk you to your death down a dark hallway now there's nothing left but this cold dead body and red blood stains.


  1. I was reading this post on my phone and when I scrolled down to the" bro" and saw your serious picture I giggled real hard. Wasn't you that always wanted to try out for the real world? ;)

  2. I got to admit, I greatly enjoy the "Jersey Shore". There's a certain something about it which brings me back wanting more.