Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Maybe I'm taking this too seriously

Maybe I haven't been taking this as seriously as I should. Maybe I've been taking myself too seriously. Maybe I haven't really made a political stance that is worthy of a blog that covers politics. Maybe I haven't exposed enough secret intel to get the Government on my ass. Maybe I don't pay taxes. Maybe I do pay taxes and am also a philanthropist. Maybe I haven't enough wisdom or life experience to have relevant insight on Religion and Philosophy. Maybe I can't write. Maybe I don't know shit about music. Maybe I don't even like music. Maybe all these things are true. Maybe I don't care. I do care. I LOVE MUSIC!!!

Life is all about selling and buying. Everyone is trying to sell something. They're selling a meme, a gimmick, their soul, their roller blades, an idea, a lung, their baseball card collection, mp3's, festy tickets, seriously valuable shit. A lot of Political journalists and T.V. commentators on the big national news stations are always promoting their books. Im not hating on writing books. I just wish they would get to the point already. Some people don't buy books and have already done bought a T.V. Instead of telling us the problem and then leaving us with no solution but the release date of your book. How about you tell me the problem, how it directly effects me, how it effects our country's future and what I can do about it. Simplify this mess. Some things they're really good at dumbing down other things they keep complex. Everything fell apart. Things are always falling apart. It wont be put back together by tomorrow or in 5 years. Not all the way at least. But Humpty Dumpty is working hard. He can't do it alone, he needs your help. "BE ALL YOU CAN BE." "LIVE FREE OR EFFING DIE!" "GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN!" What do you have to offer? Who is Humpty Dumpty?

Wake up and smell the coffee. Difficult choices plague life. So many ways to go. Or maybe just two. Right or wrong. Why is it so hard to always make the right decision? Is there a spiritual battle going on? Is it the devil? Is it a positive force against a negative force? Are we born this way? Are we born bad? Apparently that's Lady Gaga's excuse. Some people say we are born into darkness and sin. I'm not positive that's true. I am positive that we are not perfect and that we will always make mistakes. There is a way out. A way to lessen the damage. I don't have the perfect answer. Many religions and people think they do have the answer. My advice is to search for the "TRUTH." If you care and look whole heartedly, you will find it. You will get exactly what you put into it. A little or a lot, good or bad. I'm only 20smthg and I've experienced this my whole life. We're all here, we're not going anywhere until we die........

When I talk about seriously important shit, do I write the same thing every post just using different words? Or do I write the same thing using the exact same words? Does anybody care? Is this blog satirical, sarcastic, or really serious? Did I ask too many questions this post? I'm just trying to get you to think. Stimulate, evaluate, regenerate, procreate, and trust in fate. You should listen to this music and try not to think for a bit, just relax.

Noah And The Whale - L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N by ListenBeforeYouBuy
03 Falling Asleep - Painted Palms - Canopy EP by sneakalot
California Wives - Blood Red Youth by California Wives
Arcade Fire - Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) by MCMLXXXVIII
Givers by body_song


  1. Do you think Julian Assange takes things too seriously?