Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rich Hil - "SYLDD"

In early February I was introduced to a new single by Rich Hil feat. The Weekend - "Nomads."  Two months elapsed before I listened to his new mix-tape "SYLDD."  He's the son of fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger.  He has no Wikipedia and he isn't a well known artist.  I found a slew of mix-tapes and I did a little digging.  Apparently he was disowned at one point, he takes drugs and makes dark hip-hop.  This is his latest mix-tape.  It's called "Support Your Local Drug Dealer."  His latest release is much crisper than previous efforts.  Lyrically it wont blow you away.  Typical spoiled suburban kid battling pain, loss, and love.  Bluesy undertones fit it more on the R&B side rather than with traditional Hip-Hop or Rap.  It's dark, jaded, and emotional.  Give it a listen and fall in love with your twisted misunderstood side.

Click the i on the player below to download the mix-tape for free

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