Thursday, September 15, 2011

NEW SHIT!!!! Mount Kimbie "carbonated" official video + Daytrotter session

Mount Kimbie have released their final video from their Crooks
and Lovers LP, directed by Tyrone Lebon, who says its, “about trying to find beauty of young people being of a certain age—it plays on the themes of solitude and individual experiences that happens in life often in company of other people. If you go out to a club with friends, you share an experience together but you also have your own unique solitary moments of the night like walking home alone and noticing little details of the city or even whilst still on the dancefloor.”

Taste this stripped down flavor of Kimbie via the great folks over at Daytrotter.  Nab dat shit for FREEEEEEE!!!!///YA///DIG///
And by the way, if you're unfamiliar with Daytrotter, who they are and what they do, I suggest you put in some time(work) and get with it.  Stop effing around, you're so lame!  "There isn't a more essential part to being 'seriously hip' then that of a well informed(this week at daytrotter), daily visiting, session junkie, who knows it's the only place to find newly reworked, altered versions of original songs made original again.  From your favorite band to your barely known, up-incoming acts. The brightest, most talented, artists of today, tomorrow, and the future, all lay it out in Daytrotter style.  FOR FUCKING FREE."           

Daytrotter Session by mountkimbie

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