Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thats it!??!?!?!??!?////S////R/////S////L/////Y////

At least we can say we tried
Well at least you did
If a house was built on second third fourth chances would you call the carpenter a fool?
If forgiveness was lost 
gone with trust
I'm assuming the only feeling left would be lust

I got a guest house right beside the garden
A giant glass window with a really shitty view
The bed is only a double
Not suitable for a single soul 
I built it for a couple

Who knew a 'crush' would crush him
Look what he did.....he fucking crushed her

I stagger alone again 
Bed sheets stained from roses when 
I was thinking of you
I still do
Cant stop
That's why it hurts

Never needed so much air
Never breathed so much care
Never gasped so long
Never reached so high
Never fell so hard
Never felt so close 
To the color blue
Till these feelings of loosing you 
Started slowly coming true 

I was invited
given an invitation
Upon arriving 
I realized I've been wearing all black
Dressed in guilt and apologies never accepted
It wasn't at all broken 
Why'd you go and fix it? 
you had your chance(s).....
Thats it!!!!!!!

If u see the old me tell him I called
The me from five years ago or just last week'?
Open season on the hunt for a familiar face
This one, no! that's hard to find him
He's never in the same place

They said I came standing 
Left on my knees
People said I changed
If you ever knew me 
She said, "I don't think I even know you."
I suggest we get acquainted
Maybe run around naked
Oh wait, nobody's's only me 

Yeasayer - I Remember (VILLA remix) by VILLA Soundcloud
Childish Gambino - Be Alone by Camilo Mazo
Ryshon Jones ft. Sir Nigel, Le GemDior & Rashad Houston - Mad World by Rashad Houston
Low Anthem - Apothecary love by Cosmos Music Group
My Girls by Animal Collective (live @ The Bowery Poetry Club) by fatty acid
Selene by Max Tannone

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